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Fun Find Friday

April 6, 2012

Location: Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom

A few months back we spent a whole Fun Find Friday talking about the 1401 references found throughout Walt Disney World. At the end of the article I pointed out that I'm sure there are more scattered throughout Disney and once I found them I'd update you. Well, here we go everyone: part 2 of 1401!

For those of you who may have missed the last 1401 and are too eager to click the above link, here is a brief overview of what we are talking about when we state the number 1401. Disney Imagineers pay homage throughout the parks to the main Imagineering buildings address: 1401 Flower Street, Glendale, California! So where are we finding 1401 this time around?

While riding the Carousel of Progress you will follow a family as they experience different changes throughout the century, but while in the last room (the Christmas room) pay close attention to the items scattered throughout the right hand side of the room. Here you can find corkboards filled with pictures of children, doctor appointment notes, etc. You can also find a white board near the refrigerator which has the following writing on it:

Here we see that Grandma and Grandpa will be arriving at 8:30 aboard what flight? None other than flight 1401. Funny enough, that is also the flight that we take on Star Tours so next time you are aboard, look for Uncle Orville's sibling and spouse!


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