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Fun Find Friday

November 13, 2015

Location: Adventureland, Dsneyland

The history of Disneyland is extremely unique. There are so many stories that are shared about the creation of the park from various Imagineers, guests, and clips from Walt Disney himself. However, back in 1955, a different story was told that over time was forgotten. The story revolves around Patrick Begorra.

Who is Patrick Begorra? While Walt and his team were busy creating ideas for the park, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto set off to the orange groves to scout out the area. While on their travels they met Patrick. Patrick isn't like most humans mainly due to the fact that he's not a human at all. He's a leprechaun.

Mickey and the gang explained to Patrick their idea of what Disneyland would be like and he loved the idea so much he decided to help them make way for this magnificent project with one small exception: he wanted a house within this magic kingdom. Mickey and his friends agreed.

The story became so popular that in 1955 Little Golden Book was created entitled, Little Man of Disneyland. Unfortunately, as time went on the story of Patrick was forgotten and most who had heard the story weren't sure if the stories were actually true. However, this is a magical kingdom we are talking about.

This year, on the 60th anniversary of Disneyland a house was rediscovered near the entrance to Indiana Jones. The house belongs to none other than Patrick Begorra who, with his leprechaun powers, brings a little bit of magic to those who stop by to visit:

little man of disneyland


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