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Fun Find Friday

September 28, 2012

Location: Main Street, USA/Adventureland, Magic Kingdom

One thing Disney has mastered over the years is making transitions from one land to another land throughout the parks. These transitions are often so subtle that guests rarely ever notice the transition taking place. If this happens, Disney Imagineers have successfully done their job!

One of the transitions that I love that most people rarely notice occurring is the transition the elegant Crystal Palace goes through while guests travel from turn of the century Main Street, USA to mysterious Adventureland. If guests look at the restaurant from the front they will see a pristine looking building that is sure to feature elegance (and delicious Kid's French Toast) inside.

The big question is how do you transition from the beautiful building seen above to a land that's sign features skulls, spears, and more?

The answer is quite simple: blinds! That's right, if you look at the Crystal Palace from the Main Street side of the street you will have a great view of the clear windows and elegant architecture that seems to fit in so perfectly with the rest of Main Street, USA. However, if you head over to the Adventureland side, you will notice that blinds have been added to add a shadow upon the building. In addition to that, the blinds, which are green and white to help give off a more exotic feel, are surrounded by exotic looking plants that appear to fit in perfectly with Adventureland!

There you have it! Although we are looking at the same building, Disney has mastered to tell two different stories just by adding something as simple as blinds! So next time you are going through the parks pay close attention to the buildings. Even though it may be one building doesn't necessarily mean it isn't telling you more than one story!


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