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February 15, 2013

Location: Epcot (WDW)/New Orleans Square (DL)

My favorite attraction in Epcot is The American Adventure. Everything about the attraction impresses me: the audio-animatronics (especially the storage area for them), the combination of video and animatronics together, and the way that every time I leave the theater I feel a little more patriotic.

One of the most memorable scenes found during the film is the "Two Brothers" scene. For those of you who haven't seen this attraction or just need a quick refresher, the two minute song in the attraction focuses around two brothers who choose different sides of the Civil War. Even though they are family they both have different believes on what this country should stand for and as a result, one of them lives through the war, while the other one doesn't make it home. This takes us to this shot in the film: 

Two Brothers - American Adventure

Here we see a casket belonging to the brother that died in the war being delivered to the family. While The American Adventure has several fun finds (which we will get to in future articles), this shot above is one of the most unique and exciting of all. All of the photographs found throughout this sequence appear to be from the 1800s during the Civil War, but in reality, Disney hired actors to portray the brothers and soldiers so they could tell the story in a way that they wanted it to be told.

So how does this get us to the above image? Well, if you've ever visited New Orleans Square in Disneyland, the above image may look familiar to you. Next time you are waiting for a train to arrive on your grand circle tour, take a look at the building across the way. The sign for Mullers Landing may not be there (or several of the other props found in the shot above), but the building is one and the same, because this is in fact where one shot of the Two Brothers sequence was photographed:

New Orleans Square - Disneyland Train Station

As I said earlier, this is just one simple photograph in a two minute long sequence. Several of the other pictures have a history too and we'll look at those in future Fun Find Fridays!


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