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July 11, 2014

Location: Magic of Disney Animation, Disney's Hollywood Studios

In 1992 my family and I visited Disney-MGM Studios and one of my favorite sections was walking through the Magic of Disney Animation. I'll never forget seeing backgrounds for The Lion King being drawn by actual animators as my dad pointed out to me I should remember those scenes in the background since I would see it at some point in the future. Sure enough, two years later I realized that the background for the film was none other than Pride Rock itself.

While guests can't see actual Disney films being created before their eyes during their visits to the Magic of Disney Animation today, there is still a nod to the days of the past found in the Animation Academy. In the front left corner of the room, guests can find a desk filled with various pictures of different Disney characters. One of the characters, however, may not seem too familiar to guests who didn't visit in the early 1990s:

Animation Academy

Along with the opportunity to watch various Disney films being created before our eyes, guests were also shown a short film known as Back to Neverland. The film featured Walter Cronkite teaching Robin Williams how animated films are created. When Robin expresses interest for Peter Pan, Walter decides he will turn Robin into a lost boy for a brand new film where Lost Boy Robin fights Captain Hook and the crocodile.

Guests then watch the entire process of Robin providing his voice, to the development of the character, and eventually to watching the short film play out before their eyes. While the show has unfortunately disappeared throughout the years, the character of Lost Boy Robin can still be found in the Animation Academy on the corkboard shown above!

Robin Williams Back to Neverland


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