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Fun Find Friday


February 18, 2011

Location: Beach and Yacht Club

This week we are talking about elevators! Get excited people! Over at the Beach and Yacht Club there is a great find dealing with their elevators. If you enter the second elevator on the right and hit the #5 and #3 buttons at the same time the elevator plays the theme song from "The Love Bug" in honor of Herbie being number 53.

Actually, that's not true at all, but it would be pretty cool! The fun find we are talking about this week does have to do with the elevators (or lack of elevators) at both of these hotels. While you are in the main lobby for both the Beach Club and the Yacht Club you will find the elevators off to the side. At first glance it is obvious there are four elevators (after all, there are four elevator doors in front of you), however this is not the case!

If you were to wait in the lobby for each elevator door to open up you would never leave. You see, three of these elevator doors are working elevators, while one elevator door is just there for show.

In most hotel lobbies there is an area for payphones off in a corner for guests to make calls when they are away from their room (this idea obviously started before cell phones took off). At both of these Resorts, the payphone area is directly behind one of the elevator doors (the one that doesn't work), but in order to keep a balanced look, Imagineers decided to add another elevator "door" to each floor of the resorts.

If you are trying to figure out which elevators are elevators and which ones are fake without looking for the payphone area, there is a secret! All elevator doors have a little hole on the upper left hand corner. This is a type of keyhole to open the doors in case of an emergency. The elevator doors that don't have this hole are the fakes!



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