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Fun Find Friday

July 27, 2012

Location: Sunset Boulevard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage could possibly be one of my favorite stage shows found throughout Walt Disney World (although Festival of the Lion King probably takes the top spot). While the acting, musical numbers, and choreography are amazing, the attention to detail often goes unnoticed. Today we are going to be taking a look at one small detail featured in the picture below:

Here you can see Belle and Beast falling in love inside the castle. One detail that most people don't pay attention to is at the bottom of the stairs. Here you can see two gargoyles. If you recall in the film, after the Beast has a cast placed on him the entire castle gets an unfortunately creepy makeover. The exterior, along with the interior, of the castle feature these gargoyles symbolizing the Beast's darker side of life.

Just like the film, Belle and Beast fall in love and after a daring fight Belle reveals her true love to the Beast.

With the Beast and Belle's love declared to one another the castle transforms back into its former glory and along with it the gargoyles disappear and, much like the film, transform back into angel statues. After the Beast's transformation you will now notice that the gargoyles are now angels! Just goes to show that no small detail should ever go unnoticed!


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