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Fun Find Friday

January 4, 2013

Location: Frontierland, Magic Kingdom

Happy New Year everyone! While planning this first Fun Find Friday of the new year I realized that there is no better way to start the year than with a little bit of pixie dust, which naturally means we are traveling over to "the wildest ride in the wilderness!"

I know what you are thinking: "But Brent, you said we are having pixie dust which typically means Tinker Bell, but at the same time you are talking about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. What gives?" Well, I began to look back at the roots of how we got to this site (with the book focusing on the animated film references found throughout the entire Walt Disney World Resort) and realized that every now and then we should take a look at one of these character references for you to enjoy.

So our first stop is over at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! Recently I was talking with a cast member about the attraction and they pointed out a few different details about the rockwork that I had heard of, but never actually seen. This naturally sent me on a quest to discover the truth about their words. The one that fascinated me the most was the "hidden Tinker Bell" near the exit.

So where exactly can you find everyone's favorite Pixie? Just head to the exit (and near the handicap entrance) that is closer to the entrance of the attraction. While here take a look at the rock work that sits between you and the attraction. Halfway down on the wall you can find everyone's favorite fairy in plain sight!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Tinker Bell

So there you have it! A little pixie dust to start off the year. We will be returning to Big Thunder in the future to find other rock formation masterpieces, but until then you best be holding onto your hats and glasses, cause this here's the wildest blog on the internet!


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