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Fun Find Friday

April 28, 2017

Location: Frontierland, Magic Kingdom

This week we are traveling back into the queue for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Over the years we have discovered various references to the 1975 Disney live action classic, The Apple Dumpling Gang. In the film, Theodore Ogelvie and Amos Tucker are a pair of bumbling crooks that team up with a group of children while going on adventures in the Wild West. While in the queue line, guests will come across the following sign:

Hard Times Cafe

While the sign doesn't necessarily scream The Apple Dumpling Gang, there are two things mentioned on the sign which reference the film. The most obvious line is at the bottom of the sign stating to "Try the Apple Dumplings - a Specialty of the house!" The least obvious is at the top of the sign, where the advertisement states that when in Quake City, guests should stop by the Hard Times Cafe. Quake City is the main location for the film where Theodore and Amos join forces.



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