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Fun Find Friday

March 21, 2014

Location: Disney's Boardwalk Resort

One thing Disney has always excelled at is creating miniature details which can either help tell a story or create a humorous joke for guests on a daily basis. Today we will be traveling to the Boardwalk Bakery to discover one of these details which helps tell a story while also giving guests a great pun!

Boardwalk Bakery

While the Boardwalk Bakery is a great place to stop by and get a snack, most guests often pass by the sign etched on the window which explains to guests who the proprietor of the bakery actually is:

Hugh E. Krossant

While Hue G. Krazont isn't an actual person, it is a great pun that goes hand in hand with the bakery. If you read it slowly you will discover that it actually reads, Huge Croissant!


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