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Fun Find Friday

May 29, 2015

Location: Disney Springs, Walt Disney World

Downtown Disney's transformation into Disney Springs has been making some huge advancements over the past few months. Several new shops and restaurants have opened up and one of my favorite new spots to visit is the Boathouse. While the restaurant features delicious food, it also features some pretty cool fun finds.

In the back portion of the restaurant, a bar goes out into the water where guests can sit back and have an amazing view of Downtown Disney Disney Springs). In addition to the bar and view, guests can take a stroll around the dock where a boat museum awaits guests.

The Boathouse

While several of these boats are antiques, there is one that should not be overlooked by Disney fans. As we know, Walt's final dream was to make EPCOT a reality. One of the components of EPCOT was going to be a working and breathing city which would consist of most components of a typical city including a shopping district. While Disney Springs continues to make advancements in a futuristic shopping district, the Boathouse reminds us of of who started the dream of not just a Disney shopping district, but Walt Disney World  as a whole.

If you take a look at the second boat on the right hand side, you can see that it is named, none other than, Walt's Dream!

Walt's Dream


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