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Fun Find Friday


December 26, 2014
Location: Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom

Yesterday while celebrating Christmas at my brother's house, we must have seen A Christmas Story on the television at least one hundred times. I know that's not possible, but just go with me. The film is on a constant marathon every Christmas day, and rightfully so with so many iconic moments found within the film.

I  know what you're thinking: Is A Christmas Story actually a Disney film? Not even in the slightest. So why on earth are we talking about it? Because the film has a very unique connection to a Tomorrowland attraction: The Carousel of Progress.

A Christmas Story was written by Jean Shepherd who also provides the voice of the narrator in the film. One of Ralphie's friends in the film, Schwartz, makes an appearance in the classic Disney attraction. Jean Shepherd, creator of A Christmas Story, just happens to also be the voice of John in Carousel of Progress. Schwartz, who was a real life friend of a young Jean Shepherd, is given a mention in several projects that Mr. Shepherd has worked on throughout the years.

This time around, Schwartz makes his appearance in the Fourth of July scene. While John talks with the audience about all the great innovations of the 1920s, we hear a car horn off in the distance to which John points out, "There goes Schwartz in his hump mobile. He sure loves that horn." So next time you ride the attraction, close your eyes and listen carefully. Not only will you hear more tales of Schwartz, but you may also be one step closer to your very own Red Ryder BB gun!

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