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Fun Find Friday

August 31, 2012

Location: Carsland, Disney California Adventure

Long before Mater and Lightning McQueen created an unbreakable, and unlikely, friendship, two other Pixar characters soared into our hearts to show audiences what friendship is truly all about. I'm talking about Buzz Lightyear and Woody. I know what you are thinking, "We're in Carsland, so why on earth talk about Toy Story characters?" You have a good point, but it's time to take a look and realize that the cars of Carsland aren't the only loyal friends present.

In Toy Story 2, Woody took a risk and saved Wheezy from ending up in a garage sale. Unfortunately for him an evil man named Al would kidnap Woody in order to sell him to a toy museum in Japan. Buzz forms a rescue party to go save Woody and along the way they stumble across Al's Toy Barn. The only problem is it's across a busy street and Buzz and the gang can't simply stroll across without being noticed. Their plan? Use stealth like moves while hiding under cones to cross the street undetected! Amazingly enough, it worked!

So how on earth does all this connect to Carsland? If you think back to the film Cars you'll remember that one of the characters, Sally, owned her own motel called the Cozy Cone:

While visiting the Cozy Cone in Carsland you'll realize that nearly everything is made out of cones. While here take a look inside the main office through the back window. While looking in you will find cones covering nearly every inch of the shop, but one of the cones pays tribute to the original Pixar friendship in the form of our friend Buzz using his brains to rescue Woody.


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