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Fun Find Friday

February 20, 2015

Location: Carsland, Disney California Adventure

Pixar is the master of hiding Easter eggs in their films so naturally when it comes to a themed area devoted to a Pixar film, it would make perfect sense to put a Pixar Easter Egg somewhere within the land. Next time while visiting the extremely detailed land, stop by Lizzie's shop Radiator Springs Curios. Once inside you can find a shelf across from the entrance featuring several snowglobes:

Snowman from Knick Knack

Do they look familiar? In 1989, Pixar released a short cartoon called Knick Knack which was released again with Finding Nemo in 2003. during the short cartoon, we see several different snowglobes from across the globe and we eventually come across the hero of our short, a snowman in a snow globe which reads "Nome Sweet Nome." The snowman, along with his snow globe, can be found on the shelf amongst the other snow globes.

Knick Knack in Carsland

So until next time, remember, there's no place like Nome!


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