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Fun Find Friday

October 14, 2016

Location: Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

Over the past week the quotes, "Make it pink" and "Make it blue" have continuously come up amongst my friends and I. The quote is from the 1959 Disney film, Sleeping Beauty, where two of the good fairies, Flora and Merryweather argue over the color of the dress they have made Aurora. Flora wants it pink while Merryweather wants it blue.

While guests are in Fantasyland, they can catch a real life example of this scene while visiting the shop Castle Couture. Behind the cash register in the back room (that faces the castle), guests can find a dress with Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather on either side. Occasionally guests can hear the phrase Flora and Merryweather arguing over the color of the dress. When they say the color of their choice, the dress in the middle switches over!

Castle Couture


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