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Fun Find Friday

July 19, 2013

Location: Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

In the 1950 classic film we were first introduced to Cinderella. In addition to her love of shoes, viewers saw her love of animals, especially the mice Gus and Jaq. While she looked out for them, they also looked out for her as well making sure Cinderella could escape the tower in time to reach the Grand Duke.

If you head over to Cinderella's Royal Table, guests wait in the lobby and are often greeted by Cinderella herself. While here take a look around the room to take a look at Cinderella's royal thrown, the intricate elevator, and the amazing suits of armor. However, while looking around you may get the sense that you are being watched. If you take a look up on the wall to your right after entering the room, you may see two faces looking down upon Cinderella on her thrown!

Jaq and Gus inside Cinderella's Royal Table

It looks like even after Cinderella's move out of the chateau she still has her two loyal mice keeping an eye on her!


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