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Fun Find Friday

December 2, 2011

Location: Main Street, USA, Disneyland

Ahh, Disneyland! The park that started it all! And what better place to have our inaugural Disneyland Fun Find than on Main Street, USA itself!

At the end of Main Street on the corner you can find Coke Corner (pictured above). Just above the corner entrance you can find several different lights hanging above. Upon further inspection you will realize that these lights alternate in a red/white/red/white pattern (representing the Coca Cola company's color scheme).

However, a problem arose while creating this pattern of every other light being either red or white. There were an odd number of lights. So, which color would receive two of its own in a row? Red or white?

The solution was simple: Make one light two colors split in half! So as you can see in the picture below, the pattern continues of red/white/red/white due to the detail oriented Imagineers at Disney!


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