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Fun Find Friday

February 17, 2017

Location: Frontierland, Magic Kingdom

Just before guests enter into Grizzly Hall, home of the Country Bear Jamboree, you will be greeted by two signs on the front poles stating the fun that awaits you inside. If you take a loook at the back portion of these poles behind the signs, you can find an instrument that has been painted on the pole in yellow. While it may not seem like much, an observant guest may notice that it's a two dimensional painting of Tennessee Bear's "thang" with two differences. The one pictured here has two strings and instead of the heart shaped design, it is accompanied by two squiggly lines. Why is that?

Tennesse Bear's thang

Taking a look back at the front of the pole, you can see that the promotional artwork features Tennessee Bear with his thang which pictured features multiple strings, no heart, but the bird that sits at the top is still present. The lesson here? Even Ursus H. Bear, founder of Grizzly Hall, does a little bit of false advertising!

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