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Fun Find Friday

March 25, 2016

Location: Deck 3, Forward,, Disney Magic

This past weekend friends of From Screen to Theme and It's All About the Mouse Travel joined together for our very first annual cruise (You can join us next year aboard the Disney Dream for next year's cruise). While aboard, I took a tour to learn about the history and fun facts that are scattered across the ship, but one that totally took me by surprise was the carpets.

Aboard most cruise lines, there are a total of 10-20 different carpet patterns found throughout the ships. While that seems impressive, take into account that aboard a Disney cruise ship, there are typically 120 or more different carpet designs on a single ship, and much like the parks, the ground helps part of the story be told while also hiding little elements inside.

While on the Forward portion of the ship, on Deck 3, older guests can experience three different after hour experiences at three different bars: O'Gills, Keys, and Fathoms. The three can all be found in an area known as After Hours:

After Hours Disney Magic

While the carpet for After Hours gives off a different feeling than the rest of the ships carpeting, it was decided that this carpet should also pay tribute to a Disney character in a subtle way. Do you see the reference?

After Hours Disney Magic

That's right, the drink in the middle of After Hours, when looked at upside down, pays tribute to the Sorcerer's Hat from Fantasia! So as always, while walking around the parks and ships, make sure you pay attention to where you are walking for some incredible details you have have overlooked.


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