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July 17, 2015

Location: Frontierland, Disneyland

60 years ago today the world changed forever. Disneyland opened up paving the way for future theme park experiences. While many Hollywood celebrities were present on opening day, there was one amongst the crowd, and in t he parade, that had already been helping set Disneyland up for success: Fess Parker.

Fess Parker portrayed Davy Crockett in the five episode mini series which originally debuted as part of the Disneyland television series. The Disneyland television series, which focused on a different land each episode, brought the story of Davy Crockett to life during the Frontierland episodes. I know what you are thinking, how does this connect us to present day Frontierland?

As we know, the windows on the second floor of Main Street, USA pay tribute to the many individuals that helped bring Disneyland to life. Over the years other lands have received windows paying similar tributes to individual, but the first non Main Street, USA window added to the park was found in Frontierland under the Crockett & Russel Hat co. building.

The window reads: "Davy Crockett Coonskin Cap Supply co. Fess Parker"

Davy Crockett window


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