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May 20, 2016

Location: Town Center/Westside, Disney Springs

This past Sunday, the Town Center section of Disney Springs opened up with 30 new shops. In addition to these new locations new back stories have begun to take form throughout all of Disney Springs. One interesting detail that has emerged deals with a location that has been in Disney Springs since 1198, Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba:

Cirque Du Solieli

So what new detail has arrived from this 18 year old attraction? Scattered throughout Town Center, guests can find details that pay tribute to Disney Springs' past. One of these details found in both the Welcome Center and D-LUXE Burger, we learn that the town celebrated it's centennial in 1950. A poster for the event can be found in the back dining area for D-LUXE Burger:

D-LUXE Burger

With a closer look at the poster, we can see that the center of the expo revolves around a circus tent. The tent? Cirque Du Soleil's tent! This of course is just the start of an intricate storyline being woven throughout Disney Springs. Join us in the future for more details on this well thought out out past!


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