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Fun Find Friday

March 28, 2014

Location: Buena Vista Street, Disney California Adventure

In 1990, Disney released a film through their Touchstone Pictures label based off a popular 1930s comic called Dick Tracy. The film focused around detective Dick Tracy, played by Warren Beatty, trying to bring down mobster Big Boy Caprice, played by Al Pacino. While the film is set in 1930s Chicago, Illinois, the mood of the film feels very much like 1920s Hollywood, right around the time when Walt Disney first stepped foot into town.

So how does Dick Tracy connect with Buena Vista Street? Just after entering the park, and first stepping foot on this beautifully transformed street, guests can find Oswald's Super Service on the left-hand side. Sitting in front is a car which appears to come right off the street of Dick Tracy's Chicago backdrop! If you take a look inside the car, guests can find a newspaper sitting on the passenger side seat:

Tracy Triumphs

The newspaper reads: "Tracy Triumps: Bad Night for Big Boy." This is a nice little nod to the end of the film when Tracy and Big Boy have their final showdown at the bridge. Needless to say, Tracy comes out ahead at the end of the film!


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