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Fun Find Friday

May 8, 2015

Location: Dinoland, USA, Disney's Animal Kingdom

In the past, we have discussed the detailed backstory of Chester and Hester's Dinorama. For those who may have forgotten, here's a quick recap. After the success of the nearby Dino Institute began to take off, local gas station owners, Chester and Hester, decided to bring a little money their way. Their solution? Use their parking lot as a road side attraction.

Due to the location being at a gas station, the two decided to use their resources around the station to help enhance the area. One of the most subtle ways they have done this was with the planters reading Dino-Rama:

Dino Rama

But what resources did they use for these plants? Upon closer inspection, you will realize that the walls holding the plants in place are none other than license plates that Chester and Hester have found left behind at their station!

Dino Rama


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