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Fun Find Friday

September 21, 2012

Location: Dinoland, USA, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Let's talk about McDonald's! For ten years Disney and McDonald's had a partnership that spanned throughout all of Walt Disney World. Sadly, back in 2006, the sponsorship that McDonald's provided for different restaurants and attractions like Dinosaur ended due to the fact that Disney was switching their menus to healthier options, which they felt McDonald's didn't provide.

When Disney's Animal Kingdom opened up in 1998 McDonald's opted to sponsor the hit signature attraction, Countdown to Extinction (now known as Dinosaur) and the restaurant in the area, Restaurantosaurus. Due to McDonald's sponsoring the area there were references to the famous fast food chain located throughout the area (with my favorite being a sign featuring a dinosaur eating another dinosaur with the slogan "Have you had a crocodilian today?"). However, with the sponsorship being terminated, all references to McDonald's were soon replaced by others.

However, one fun find still exists and it is actually my favorite one of all. Dinosaur was sponsored by McDonald's from opening day all the way through 2006 when the sponsorship ended. To pay homage to the restaurant guests can find three pipes hanging over the loading area of Dinosaur which are pictured below:

The three pipes, which as you can see are red, yellow, and white have several compounds written upon them creating some sort of secret ingredients that only scientists can decode. Luckily for us, someone did decode these signs! If you were to combine the items written upon these pipes the red would create ketchup, the yellow would make mustard, and the white is mayonnaise. Not a bad way to honor McDonald's while still not being overly obvious!


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