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Fun Find Friday

June 29, 2012

Location: Discovery Island, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Ahh, relaxation! It's what a vacation is truly about. Well, that's what it is supposed to be about, but honestly, who out there can say they spend their entire vacation sitting by a pool catching rays and not rushing off and trying to make the most of their time? Two of you. That's all.

If you are like me, vacations aren't usually a sit back and relax situation, but more of a there's a million things to get done in a short period of time situation. Especially whenever I head to Disney. At times it truly is difficult to actually slow down and take in the sights, smells, and sounds at the park. Luckily, Disney's Animal Kingdom reminds us to do so in the most subtle ways.

We've all seen a park bench before. They are typically made of wood and every now and then they have a special design about them to keep with the theme of a specific area. Today we are going to be looking at a bench and its hidden meaning within the park. Next time you are leaving Discovery Island and headed down the path towards Dinoland, USA keep your eyes open for this park bench:

Yes, it is a very beautiful seating area, but there is a subtle reminder to guests on what they should be doing. Disney's Animal Kingdom is set up unlike any of the other Disney parks in Florida. While the others have a variety of activities for guests to participate in, whether its shows, attractions, or food, Disney's Animal Kingdom doesn't have as much to offer. This isn't because Disney is lazy when it comes to bringing guests experiences to this park. It's just the opposite actually.

Disney's Animal Kingdom is set up for guests to take it slow and relax and actually enjoy the scenery. Guests are meant to take their time observing the animals and smelling the flowers. They aren't supposed to be rushing from one attraction to another. The question is, how does all this have to do with the bench pictured above?

Throughout all of Disney's Animal Kingdom animals are used to represent different areas and ideas. If we take a closer look at the bench above you may notice the following:

Here we find a picture of a snail, one of the slowest animals of them all. The snail sitting upon the bench is a nice subtle reminder that they should take it slow. So next time you are walking past this bench, take the snails advice. Take your time, take a seat, and just enjoy everything going on around you, because that my friends, is what Disney's Animal Kingdom is truly all about!


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