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September 23, 2016

Location: Disney Village, Disneyland Paris Resort

Disneyland Paris Resort opened up in 1992 and throughout most of the locations found on the property, you can tell based off of the films and television shows represented. One of my favorite examples is found in Disney village in a shop called Disney Store.

In the center room, guests can find a giant spaceship, piloted by Mickey Mouse himself that is being orbited by several smaller spaceships. While most of the characters flying around are familiar to kids today (Minnie, Donald, Dingo (Goofy for you English speakers)), there are two characters that may seem foreign to today's audiences:

Launchpad McQuakc

One of the characters orbiting around is Launchpad McQuack, who was first popularized in the hit Disney Afternoon show, DuckTales and followed up his role in Darkwing Duck. The other character that can be found goes hand in hand with a display on the back wall:

Kit Cloudkicker

The bear coming out of the plane is known by many as Baloo who first appeared in The Jungle Book and had a follow up role on another Disney Afternoon show, TaleSpin. In TaleSpin, he had a copilot who was named Kit Cloudkicker. Orbiting around Mickey in another plane is the famous copilot who was known for surfing the skies away from Air Pilots!


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