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Fun Find Friday

June 20, 2014

Location: Disney's Wedding Pavilion

If it wasn't for obscure movie references found throughout Walt Disney World, this website wouldn't be a reality. This week we are stopping by one of my favorite references found outside the parks which most people I've shown have had no idea what I'm talking about. This week we are heading over to the Disney Wedding Pavilion!

Disney Wedding Pavilion

The Disney Wedding Pavilion has been allowing guests to being their happily ever after right on Disney property with a picturesque backdrop of Cinderella Castle! While that is nice, we are here for a fun find! While guests are deciding how to answer the questions of where, how, when, etc. for the big day, they need to talk with a Disney wedding planner. Where can they get one exactly?

The answer lies outside of the Wedding Chapel where guests can find a building that is appropriately named after a now often forgotten Disney film. In 1991, Steve Martin starred in a comedy classic, Father of the Bride. Throughout the film, George Banks, played by one time Disneyland Cast Member Steven Martin, has to go through all the tasks of giving up his one and only daughter to a man he doesn't really know. Throughout the film the Banks family hires a wedding planner to help them organize the big day.

The wedding planner found in the film is played by Martin Short (who you can also find over at the show O Canada!). Martin Short's character, Franck, not Frank, is the overly excited and always hilarious wedding planner. Since Father of the Bride was a hit and even inspired a sequel, it was decided four years later when the Wedding Pavilion opened up that the name of the Wedding Planner location would be Franck's:



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