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Fun Find Friday

January 15, 2016

Location: Frontier Tower, Disneyland Hotel

While I'm in the Disneyland resort, I spend the majority of my time inside the two theme parks and don't spend too much time wandering around Downtown Disney or the resorts. Whenever I do, however, I'm always pleasantly surprised by fun little details that I had never seen before. Today's Fun Find Friday takes us to Frontier Tower of the Disneyland Hotel where a nice little detail is hidden in plain view.

Frontier Tower

When the Disneyland television show debuted back in the 1950s, Walt Disney used the show to focus stories on the various lands found inside his soon to open theme park. The stories would be based off of Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, and of course, Frontierland. Frontierland would typically feature the most exciting programs for young guests with stories of cowboys and Indiana and of course, a coon skin cap wearing man named Davy Crockett. Davy has made several apperances within the park throughout the years, but just in front of the Frontier Tower, hidden off to the side in topiary form is Davy once again. Well, Mickey Mouse in Davy's form:

Mickey Crockett

So next time you are at any Disney park around the world, make sure to explore not just the parks, but the resorts as well. You never know what type of detail you may be missing out on!


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