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Fun Find Friday


October 7, 2011
Location: Mouse Gear, Epcot

One little spark, of inspiration. Is at the heart, of all creation! Right at the start, of everything that's new. One little spark....lights up for you!

Oh hello there! So glad you could come along! I am the Brent Dodge (do do do do). Fun Find Friday! What wonderful things I will write. I love these days of Friday! Searching the Disney World for sounds, colors, ideas, anything that sparks the imagination!

Alright. I've butchered that song enough with my own take it, so let's move on to this week's Fun Find Friday! I know a lot of you are trying to connect the dots after seeing that our Fun Find will take place in Mouse Gear, yet we are clearly singing the song from the original Journey Into Imagination attraction. So what's the connection?

As we all know, Disney World unfortunately loses some shows, parades, restaurants, attractions, etc. over time. What's even more unfortunate is when it is a beloved attraction like the original Journey Into Imagination! which opened up in 1983 and eventually closed in 1998. Disney makes sure when attractions close, especially fan favorites, the old attraction will never be forgotten and a reference or two will be added to the park so guests can forever be reminded of the olden days. Today we are talking about one of those references (there are others, but we'll save that for another Friday).

In the original attraction, the Dreamfinder would travel the universe for anything that sparked the imagination. He would get around in his wonderful ship, the Dream Catcher! When the attraction closed it was decided that the Dream Catcher would continue to live on (I mean, where else would we store all of our ideas if it just disappeared?). So next time you stop by Mouse Gear over at Epcot, head towards the doors that exit towards Test Track. With your back to the door look up above the dressing room to find none other than the Dream Catcher in all its glory!


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