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Fun Find Friday

August 3, 2012

Location: Echo Lake, Disney's Hollywood boulevard

We've discussed several different puns found throughout Walt Disney World in previous Fun Find Fridays, but this weeks could be one of my all time favorites.

As we've talked about in the past, Echo Lake is an area for budding movie stars that are slowly trying to make their way into Hollywood, and one of the hot spots here is the Glamour Salon which is teamed up with the Cosmetic Dentistry building. For today's Fun Find, just head to the doorway below the following sign and prepared to open wide! 

To the right of the Glamour Salon door (the orange door pictured above) you will find a directory of all the offices in the building. While the first one is quite simple (Glamour Salon is located in room 101), the rest of the  names are hilarious play on words. As seen below, room 201 features C. Howie Pullum (See How We Pull Them), DDS, room 204 is Ruth Canal (Root Canal), DDS, and room 210 is home to Les Payne (Less Pain), DDS. With all of the names being the names of the dentists in the building, I'm sure everyone in Hollywood is somewhat hesitant to get any dental work from these punny names!


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