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February 4, 2011

Location: Disney's Hollywood Studios, Echo Lake

Imagineers are some of the most important people in the Disney Company. While all cast members have a role they need to play in making Disney what it is, none of them would be around if the Imagineers hadn't come up with such a magical place for all of us to enjoy.

Unfortunately for most Imagineers they never get the recognition they truly deserve. A lot of hard core Disney fans are familiar with people like Marty Sklar, Joe Rhode, X. Attencio, Bob Gurr, etc. but they have no idea who Hamilton or Gray are. In fact, they could be walking past me in the park and I wouldn't even think twice about who they are.

You may be wondering why we are talking about these overlooked Imagineers, and trust me, there is a point! You see, there is also an overlooked area in between the restaurants 50's Prime Time Cafe and Hollywood and Vine.

In between these two restaurants you will find a staircase (see picture to the left) which shows the entrance to the Echo Lake Apartments. At first glance it appears that there isn't a lot to see or do here. However, upon further investigation you will realize to the right of the gate there is a group of mail slots with several different names written upon them.

The names written here are actually names of the Imagineers that helped create the Echo Lake section of Disney's Hollywood Studios. In fact, whenever you see random names written throughout Walt Disney World you can often bet that the names may belong to the Imagineers that helped create that specific area of the park!


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