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Fun Find Friday

December 27, 2013

Location: Echo Lake, Disney's Hollywood Studios

While the holiday season is coming to a close, today we are going to take a look at a reference to a classic Christmas film which amazingly enough isn't a Disney film! While at Echo Lake, guests can find the following stack of crates near Min and Bill's Dockside Diner (another non-Disney reference that we will get to at some other time).

Min and Bill Crates

So what's up with the crates? Each of these crates pay homage to a different classic film in cinema history, but today, in honor of Christmas, we will look at the crate found closest to the picture!

It's a wonderful life crate

The crate honors the 1946 classic, It's a Wonderful Life. If you recall, the film revolves around George Bailey (found on our ship to label). During the film George lives in the town of Bedford Falls where he falls in love with a girl named Mary who makes a wish that someday she would live in broken down home at the edge of town. The address for that house? 320 Sycamore of course! So how does our return address come into play?

While George just wants to get out of the crummy old town, his good deeds keep him grounded while the rest of his friends go off to live out their lives. His one friend in particular, Sam Wainwright, does extremely well for himself by setting up a successful business in New York City. The name of his business? Wainwright Enterprises of course!


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