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Fun Find Friday

April 29, 2016

Location: Frontierland, Magic Kingdom

Throughout the years, several characters that have appeared on old Mickey Mouse Club and Wonderful World of Disney shows have been given nods throughout the Disney parks. While most of them are well known, some of them are often forgotten about. The character we are looking at today is often forgotten about by the average Disney guest even though he has some prime real estate inside the Magic Kingdom.

Between 1958 and 1961, 17 episodes of the Texas John Slaughter television show was aired on the Wonderful World of Disney. The show was based around John Horton Slaughter, a real person who lived from 1941-1922. The show focused on Texas John Slaughter, a famous cowboy who "made 'em do what they oughta, and if they didn't, they died."

So where is this prime real estate that Texas John Slaughter has in the Magic Kingdom? While entering the Frontier Trading Post, take a look underneath the sign to see the nod to "Texas" John Slaughter, Trail Boss!

Texas John Slaughter


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