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Fun Find Friday

March 27, 2015

Location: Mexico, Epcot

70 years ago Disney released a film which for years was often overlooked by the average Disney fan. In recent times, however, more and more people became aware of the film and the film even received its own attraction in Epcot. The movie? The Three Caballeros!

While more and more Disney fans are becoming aware of the film, it seems like most people know the general plotline of the film, yet still have not seen the amazing film! While a lot of people seem to believe the entire film focuses on the adventures of Donald Duck, Jose, and Panchito, the film actually revolves around Donald Duck's birthday and the presents he receives during his special day.

The first present he receives is a film projector which he uses to watch a film about various birds and their behaviors. One of the birds featured here is the Aracuan Bird. The Aracuan appears with a very distinct voice and continues to pop up throughout the film, and in the Disney animated film Melody Time, mainly to cause havoc on Donald Duck and his friends.

So why am I telling you all this? Today we are going to be traveling over to the Gran Fiesta Tour starring The Three Caballeros to take a look at a rare character appearance that doesn't appear for every guest on the attraction. Just after Jose and Panchito begin their search for Donald, we see Donald in Mexico City being a tourist:

Gran Fiesta Tour

A few times during this scene, Donald takes pictures of items behind him (and away from us). During this point of the attraction, we can see that Donald is wearing several sombreros (as tourists usually do). Occasionally, however, Donald will turn away from us and the Aracuan Bird, along with his distinct voice, can be found hanging from Donald's sombreros!

Gran Fiesta Tour

This occurs every four or five times Donald turns around so there is a chance that while guests pass this scene they may not see the Aracuan at all. Aye Caramba indeed!


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