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Fun Find Friday

October 30, 2015

Location: New Orleans Square, Disneyland

One detail I have always loved in the Disney parks that is often overlooked are the weathervanes found throughout the parks. While most times these weathervanes are nice little additions to attractions (like Tick Tock above Peter Pan's Flight or Brer Rabbit near Splash Mountain), one helps tell a story that never came into being. The weathervane in question?

Haunted Mansion weathervane

That's right! The weathervane above Haunted Mansion in Disneyland features a ship. Why the ship? As discussed in my new book A Closer Look at the Magic Kingdom's Liberty Square, the Haunted Mansion was originally going to focus around a captain who once owned the mansion. The captain, named Bartholomew Gore, became lost at sea and eventually made his former home a home for himself and other happy haunts.

While Captain Gore's story never became the central story to the mansion, he can still be found in paintings and in ghostly form in Haunted Mansion attractions around the world!


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