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Fun Find Friday

March 8, 2013

Location: Echo Lake, Disney's Hollywood Studios

In our everyday lives (outside of Walt Disney World) we seem to come into contact with warning signs on an almost minutely basis. "Caution: Contents may be hot." "Open away from Face." "Do not feed the animals." You get the point.

The amazing thing is, while in the Disney parks you don't come across as many warning signs. Sure, they are there, but they mostly come in the shape of Cast Members making sure you stay safe instead of ruining the theme of the parks by plastering DO NOT signs on every inch of the park. Every now and then, however, you'll come in contact with a warning sign and it'll make you scratch your head on why it's so blatantly obviously. For example:

Do Not Pull the Rope Disney's Hollywood Studios

Theming goes a long way inside the Disney parks, and the above picture is one of my favorite finds of them all. Here we have a very straightforward message: Warning! Do Not Pull Rope! However, the word Not is crossed off which makes the sign read, Warning! Do Pull Rope! I know what you're thinking, "This is just confusing! What do you want me to do Disney!?!?"

The answer is simple. Disney does a great job of enforcing the rules without throwing the rules at your face. It's almost like entering a museum at times where you see these priceless artifacts and you know you aren't suppose to touch them so, in fear of being tossed out, you don't. Same thing occurs at Disney. The rules are set and they really don't need to remind you not to touch things, so why make a big deal out of not pulling the rope?

Well, if you pull the rope, you'll find out. Below, at the archeological dig occurring, a British man is actually handling some of those priceless artifacts you may find in a museum, but the only way you can know that is by pulling the rope. So next time you are walking past this dig site, pull the rope and just wait to listen to the trouble that comes with you simply reading a sign which insists that you do, in fact, pull the rope!


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