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August 7, 2015

Location: Echo Lake, Disney's Hollywood Studios

1989 was a huge year for Walt Disney World. In addition to the opening of Disney-MGM Studios, Typhoon Lagoon and Pleasure Island both opened as well and as the year went on more and more attractions joined the very young Studios park. In addition to that, 1989 was a huge year for fans of Indiana Jones. Not only did Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade debut in theaters, but Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular first began to wow audiences in August of that year.

With the addition of the always popular stunt show, Disney decided to bring a little more detail to the attraction that most guests may overlook. The Epic Stunt Spectacular focuses around the storyline found in the 1981 hit, Raiders of the Lost Ark, but that didn't stop Disney from incorporating a nod to the (then) recent Indiana Jones film.

The stunt show has two exits. One takes guests out by Star Tours while the other takes guests near 50s Prime Time. While exiting on the 50s Prime Time side, guests will come face to face with this:

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade tank

I know. It's a pretty cool tank! This tank is an actual prop found in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. If you recall, at the end of the film Indiana Jones has a terrifying dual with the Nazis while on top of a tank. Here, at the exit, guests can find the very same tank found in the film!


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