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Fun Find Friday

June 28, 2013

Location: Adventureland, Magic Kingdom

Author's Note: This week we are dedicating all our articles to our Who's Who Wednesday writer, Erik Anderson! In honor of his favorite land, I give you a fun find in Adventureland! Enjoy!

The Jungle Cruise

The World Famous Jungle Cruise has been delighting guests since the Magic Kingdom first opened. In addition to this classic attraction opening, the Swiss Family Treehouse and Tropical Serenade were also open for guests enjoyment on October 1, 1971. Due to this, it only makes sense that the Jungle Cruise has a nice subtle nod to it's neighboring attraction near it's exit.

Just after exiting the paradox (a dock on your left and a dock on your right naturally gets you a pair-a-docks) you will pass a luggage area. The two pieces of luggage we'll be taking a look at today are found furthest from the dock. The first one looks like this:

The Jungle Cruise Fun Find

So what exactly does the crate mean? The entire crate is referencing actors from the classic 1960 Disney film, Swiss Family Robinson. Thomas Kirk, the full name of child actor Tommy Kirk appeared in several  films in addition to playing Ernst Robinson. One of his most famous roles was portraying Merlin Jones in the films The Misadventures of Merlin Jones and its sequel, The Monkey's Uncle.

The last line, Island of Bora Danno is a nice subtle reference to actor James MacArthur who played Fritz Robinson. MacArthur would later go on to star in the hit TV show Hawaii Five-O where he played Danny Williams. The famous last line of episodes was when he would be instructed, "Boom 'em Danno." Due to that, we get the island of Bora Danno! The second crate  is a little more straightforward with it's meaning:

The Jungle Cruise Fun Find

Kenneth Annakin was the director of Swiss Family Robinson (hence the director line below his name). During the actual film, the family Robinson was on their way to New Guinea for a better life when pirates chased them into a storm. So naturally, the location this crate is being sent to is the Robinson's original destination!


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