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Fun Find Friday

November 18, 2011

Location: The Land, Epcot

Let me start off this week's Fun Find Friday by wishing a very Happy Birthday to my good friends, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse! 83 years old today and still looking as good as ever!

If you've ever been to Walt Disney World there's a strong possibility you have been on the attraction Soarin' (it is the most popular attraction in Disney after all. If that is the case, then you have probably run past our Fun Find so many times without realizing what you are passing since you desperately want to beat the rush into The Land pavilion. If that's the case, I'm going to share with you an image you may have only seen in passing before:

This is the mosaic that is found on both sides of the entrance that leads into The Land. However, as always, there's much more to this than it seems. First off, if you take a look at the pictures above you will see that both sides are identical (in a mirrored image) to one another. So what is exactly going on here? Well, what you see here is the representation of the layers of the land as seen if you were actually walking through the earth. Due to this, both sides of the earth would be identical to the other side.

It's pretty cool how much detail was put into this mosaic and how the artist that created it made sure that each side would reflect the other side as well. But, we need to dig even a little deeper for yet another fun find (that's right, I'm using puns this week!)!

In the past we've discussed the fact that it is very hard for artists to make their signature in their artwork throughout the Disney parks. This is mainly due to the fact that Walt never wanted guests to be distracted by the story at hand. He felt that while walking through the park a guest would be transported out of his world if they all of a sudden stopped to think, "Hey look! This person created this mosaic, and this person created this picture." Instead, all art (including paintings, buildings, attractions, etc.) would remain unannounced with the exception of some sly little detail left by the Imagineer at hand.

These mosaic is no exception. While both sides of the mosaics are identical (again, in mirrored form), there is one spot that has been slightly altered. If you take a look at the two pictures below, you may be able to spot it:

Where is it you may ask? Well, if you look at the picture below (taken on the wall to the left while facing the entrance) you will notice all of the tiles appear to be a more natural color that would fit well with the layers of the earth.

However, if you look at it's mirrored image (found on the right wall), you will notice that one tile is of an emerald color. Why is this tile different from the rest? The artist was actually born in the month of May, so to make their signature on the mosaic, they included their birthstone to make their mark at The Land!


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