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Fun Find Friday

August 23, 2013

Location: Liberty Square

What does a farm, a mine field, and Liberty Square all have in common? The phrase, "Watch where you're stepping" of course! What am I talking about exactly? Well, to sum it up, this:

Liberty Square Street

So what are we looking at exactly? Well, as you may have noticed, the majority of Liberty Square features the standard looking red flooring. However, also scattered throughout the land is a path filled with what appears to be small little stones. As you can see from the picture above it appears to be its own little path that also makes its way through the entire land. So what is this exactly?

Keeping in mind that we are in the 1700s there are a few things you may notice throughout the area with the big one being a lack of restrooms. Why is that? Well, in the 1700s there wasn't such a thing as indoor plumbing so people had to use the amazing invention known as the bucket! After doing their deed they would toss their little gift to the world onto the street where it would meet with other sewage and head down towards a sewer like system at the bottom of a hill.

So the moral of the story, next time you are in Liberty Square take my advice: Watch where you're stepping!


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