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Fun Find Friday

January 24, 2014

Location: Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom

Scattered throughout Walt Disney World we can find references to different members of the Disney family. Over in Town Square we can find the Sharing the Magic statue featuring Minnie Mouse with Walt's brother Roy, on Center Street off of Main Street, USA you can find Walt's father's window, Elias Disney, and in Liberty Square is a reference that most people walk by typically with little realization that it is a connection to Walt's family.

Kepple Disney

The name Kepple can be found on the exterior of Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe, a merchandise location that focuses on three different families. While one of the other references a Disney film (1949's The Many Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad), the name Kepple actually pays homage to Walt's Grandfather, Kepple Disney!


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