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Fun Find Friday

May 15, 2015

Location: Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom

There are several details found throughout Walt Disney World that guests come across and either question the meaning behind it or don't even bother giving it a second glance.  Located between Hall of Presidents and Columbia Harbour House is a giant door and above that door is a shield with four hands holding the wrist of the hand next to it:

Liberty Square arm plaque

While at first glance it just looks like a decorative plaque, we all know that the Imagineers do their research to make every inch fit in with the story being told. In this situation, the story revolves around a fire department. During colonial times, citizens of a town would need to pay a fee to a local group that would be in charge of putting out local fires (much like a modern government. If the fee was paid, citizens would be given an object to place outside of their house to show that their payments had been taken care of.  In the case of this area, that symbol is a band of brothers type logo!


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