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Fun Find Friday

September 6, 2013

Location: Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom

Over the past few months several barrels and crates have arrived in Liberty Square with different addresses attached to them. While we will focus on each of them over time, this week we will be taking a look at this one near Columbia Harbour House:

Columbia Harbour House barrel

The crate reads:

Priscilla Lapham
Columbia Harbour House
Province of Massachusetts Bay

So who is Priscilla Lapham and why is she mentioned in Liberty Square? In 1957 Disney released a live action film called Johnny Tremain (no relation to Cinderella's evil stepfamily). The film took place in the time of Paul Revere and several nods to the film are found around Liberty Square including the Liberty Tree!

During the film, Johnny Tremain has a love interest who is named Priscilla Lapham, played by Song of the South star Luana Patten. While she has a minor role in the film, it just goes to show that Disney makes sure to honor all of their characters while in the park no matter how memorable they may have been!


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