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Fun Find Friday

September 9, 2011
Location: Animation Courtyard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

This week we are traveling right around the corner from last week's Fun Find Friday as we stop by the Voyage of the Little Mermaid's waiting area. While in the area take a look around at all the nautical themed props on the walls and ceiling. Keeping in mind that the Little Mermaid wasn't the first ocean based Disney film, you know that Disney Imagineers are sure to hide a secret or two in here for us. This week we'll be talking about one of them.

One of Disney's earliest full length animated feature films may have not focused solely around the ocean, but a very crucial portion of the film did. The film was Pinocchio. After the main character returns from Pleasure Island, he realizes that his father has gone off looking for him. Where could he be other than inside the belly of a whale (naturally)? While searching the ocean Pinocchio eventually finds his father, Geppetto, inside the belly of Monstro the Whale, the most feared creature in all the ocean. Pinocchio comes to the rescue by making Monstro sneeze him and his father out, but we never find out what happened to Geppetto's things that remained inside Monstro...until now.

While facing the doors on the right to enter the theater, take a look at the right wall to find one of Geppetto's lost items, his lamp, which was found inside of Monstro!


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