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Fun Find Friday

January 25, 2013

Location: Magic Kingdom Parade Route

In 2001 Disney celebrated Walt Disney's 100th birthday with a special event around the world known as 100 Years of Magic! In honor of this, a new parade, the Share A Dream Come True Parade, arrived at the Magic Kingdom.

The parade featured elaborate floats that were designed to look like snow globes with different iconic characters inside. While several of these characters were rare, one person within the parade made this parade much more distinct than any previous Disney parade. Leading the parade was a man dressed as Walt Disney who sits in front of an easel creating Mickey Mouse. This was the first time guests could actually see Walt in the parks since his death in 1966.

In 2006 the parade would switch over to the Disney Dreams Come True Parade and eventually in 2009 it became the current Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade. During each transformation, a few of the floats (most specifically the floats featuring Aladdin, Pinocchio, and Peter Pan) remained with little change. Due to this, a fun find which existed during the Share A Dream Come True Parade still exists on these floats! What is it?

Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade

Well, during the original run the entire parade focused around one man: Walt Disney. In fact, the Walt who led the parade wasn't the only Walt guests could find. In actuality, every float contained a hidden Walt Disney! So today we will take a look at the float featured above (the Peter Pan float) to figure out where Walt is exactly.

It was decided that each "Hidden Walt" would feature a different form of Walt that was already popular with Disney fans so it'd be easier to spot. So next time you are watching the Celebrate A Dream Come True parade, pay close attention to the back side of Peter Pan's float. Here, hidden in the glass architecture you will find the man who started it all walking through Sleeping Beauty Castle:

Hidden Walt in Magic Kingdom Parade


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