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Fun Find Friday

February 17, 2012

Location: Main Street, USA, Magic Kingdom

There seems to be a common trend this week on our themed articles dealing with Lady and the Tramp: the famous Bella Notte scene just keeps coming up over and over again, and you are in luck, it is hitting Fun Find Friday by storm as well!

The references to Lady and the Tramp throughout the parks are difficult to discover, but the most obvious reference to the film is Tony's Town Square Restaurant found just after entering the Magic Kingdom. We all remember the famous scene where Lady and Tramp share their spaghetti meal in the back alley and as they both gaze off into the stars the end up slurping on the same strand of spaghetti until their lips meet for the first time. Kind of makes you wish you were a dog, right?

Well, maybe not really, but still. The evening for the two didn't end there. They then took a romantic stroll through the park where they came across freshly poured concrete that two humans had carved a heart in. Lady and Tramp approached the heart and placed their pawprints inside symbolizing the love they both shared for each other.

How does this all tie in to the Magic Kingdom? Well, next time you are facing Tony's Town Square Restaurant pay close attention to the pavement out front. Upon the ground here you'll find (when strollers aren't covering it up that is), the heart with pawprints inside showing the love that was formed during that lovely bella notte.


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