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Fun Find Friday

March 7, 2014

Location: Main Street, USA, Magic Kingdom

While we have spent the last three years taking a look at different fun finds that we can see throughout the Disney parks, we haven't spent a lot of time taking a look at the fun finds we can hear. This week we will be heading to Main Street, USA where one of my favorite fun finds dealing with sound can be heard.

Center Street at Magic Kingdom

Halfway down Main Street is the often overlooked Center Street. Down this little hideaway is a nice sitting area and entrances to the crystal shop and jewelry store. Just to the right of the final entrance to the Crystal Arts shop guests can find the following two windows on the second floor:

Center Street

As you can see the two windows advertise voice and singing lessons along with music and dance lessons. While the majority of windows on Main Street feature different Imagineers associated with creating the park, these two stand out as unique due to the lack of names on the windows.

The reason for this is these are no ordinary windows. Guests standing below will get a surprise every few minutes when they can witness, in audio form, the lessons taking place above. At times you can hear students singing while at other times you can hear tap dancing taking place! So take note that you shouldn't just keep your eyes peeled while walking through the park, but your ears as well!


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