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Fun Find Friday


February 11, 2011

Location: Magic Kingdom, Mickey's Toontown Fair

Twenty-three years ago Mickey's Birthdayland opened in the Magic Kingdom as a temporary land. Two years later Disney decided to keep this new area of the park around as Mickey's Starland. Eventually the area would become Mickey's Toontown Fair, and with it, several fun finds were born!

Unfortunately, within the next twenty-four hours these fun finds will become something of the past. Before they do, I'd like to share with you one of my favorites though. While Mickey's Country House has some great references to old Mickey short cartoons and Donald's Boat has a great map of the Duck World, Minnie's Country House is filled with more fun finds than the rest of Toontown put together.

If you head into Minnie's sunroom you'll realize that she is filled with flower power. If you take a look at the table in this room you will find a book entitled Clarabelle's Big Book of Pun Pants:


Each plant in the book can actually be found around the room, but the descriptions of each plant is the fun find here. Instead of me retyping each one here they all are for your enjoyment! Make sure you pay close attention to the "technical names" of each plant and how they are a play on words of the names of each individual plant!



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