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Fun Find Friday

September 26, 2014

Location: Backlot, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Since May 1, 1989, the Studio Backlot Tour has been taking guests through the back stage areas of Disney's Hollywood Studios (originally Disney-MGM Studios). The headliner for the attraction is a trip to Catastrophe Canyon where guests get to see an action sequence from a film live! Due to the Backlot Tour, and Catastrophe Canyon, closing up permanently tomorrow, today's fun find will focus around the star of Catastrophe Canyon, and it's connection to another attraction that is no longer with us.

Backlot Tour Mohave Oil Company

The tanker truck found in Catastrophe Canyon belongs to the Mohave Oil Company. The Mohave Oil Company isn't only featured in Catastrophe Canyon, but it can also be found at the entrance to the area on the plane out front:

Mohave Oil Company

So where else could the Mohave Oil Company be found in walt Disney World? Just around the same time Disney-MGM Studios opened with the Backlot Tour, the Magic Kingdom debuted a new section of the park in Mickey's Birthdayland. Along with this new section of the park, Mickey's Country House opened up where guests were invited to enter the home of the legendary mouse.

While touring the house, guests could stop by Mickey's garage. While touring the garage, various tools and books dealing with automobile care can be found, but one of the most interesting was hidden in the back of the middle shelf. Here guests could see the type of oil Mickey would put in his car. That's right, none other than the Mohave Oil Company oil!

Mohave Oil Company


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