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Fun Find Friday

August 2, 2013

Location: Backlot, Disney's Hollywood Studios

The area around Muppet Vision 3-D is easily one of my favorite locations found throughout Walt Disney World. The details and gags found here are so entertaining are are often overlooked or seen and not truly admired as they should be. For instance, take a look at this picture:

Muppet Vision 3D entrance

I know what you are thinking. That's such a cool fountain! Yes it is, but what people tend to miss in this picture is quite easy to overlook and that's this little piece of the picture:

Muppet Vision 3D clock

Here we see Gonzo hanging from the clock tower. While the initial find of Gonzo up here is great, in reality it's making a nod to a classic film from 1923 that, much like the Muppets was filled with gags. The film was Safety Last and focused around a man who climbed a building all while avoiding pieces of wood, lose ropes, and of course, a hanging from a clock tower! So next time you are hanging around (pun intended) the Muppet Vision 3D area, make sure you take a look up at poor Gonzo hanging on for dear life!


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